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Welcome to our website. We are so glad you are here. Let us introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about us!

Jill Vander Bent, LMSW

I am Jill Vander Bent and I have my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Master of Social Work degree from Grand Valley State University.

I have been a counselor/family therapist since 2003. I have served and helped families and children at Bethany Christian Services since beginning my career in the helping profession. I worked as a home-based therapist at Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids for 2 years, where I helped families who had been substantiated with abuse and neglect. My role was to assess and alleviate stressors that were causing families to harm their children and not care for them as they should.

After this position I moved to the Holland Bethany location and worked as an outpatient child and family therapist. My heart wanted to prevent and treat children and families who were experiencing lots of stress and challenges. Children and families who have experienced trauma, became my specialty. Helping families and children heal from loss, seperation, grief, depression, stress, anxiety, abuse, neglect, and a variety of other issues that cause distress is my focus.

Please call today for more information 616-439-0090.

Annise Koops, LLMSW

Annise is a master's level social worker with over ten years of experience companioning with people in various life situations and she provides services primarily for adolescent girls and women.  Her keen perceptive nature will help you identify root concerns so that you can take the steps toward healing and wholeness. Her work in adoption and death loss has given her the knowledge and understanding of trauma, grief, and loss that she can pass along to others who are hurting. Relying on her professional training, natural love of learning, and broad personal experiences, she will bring authenticity and warmth as well as a new perspective and ideas to bear on your own circumstances. Her practical yet Christ-centered approach will help you navigate your particular struggles while keeping your focus on your loving, redeeming God. 

Annise’s specific areas of knowledge and experience include: grief and loss, life transitions, relational dynamics, as well as anxiety and depression. 

Take the first step by calling 616-377-4899 to set up a time for an initial intake. 

Have you ever found yourself faced with challenges, stress, and major life changes and said, "I could really use someone to talk to"? Maybe your family isn't functioning how you wish it would and your children are having difficulties you are not sure how to resolve. Please dont hesitate to reach out for help and call today.
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​Please bring your child in for help if your child is experiencing challenges in school, with friends and/or at home. If your child has been diagnosed/labeled with or experiencing symptoms of ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Aspergers, Sensory Processing Disorders, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Obssessive Compulsive Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Eating Disorder, Sexual Identity Disorder, and Adjustment Disorder. 
​Has your family experienced a lot of change recently? Are members of the family experiencing a great amount of stress that may be causing conflict and tension? Do you feel lost, exhausted and not sure what to do to help your family get back on track after a loss, divorce, illness, addiciton, adoption, anger/rage outburst, or family trauma? Please come in for help and guidance today.
​Sometimes you just need someone to talk to about whatever may be going on in your life. It can be so helpful to turn to someone who is not directly impacted and involved in the situation. Everyone can benefit from talking with someone who will actually listen and provide a safe, judgment free place to explore how to move forward when life seems to get you down.
No one is meant to walk through life alone!